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“Summer Thunder” by Jill Candles (Devon Fick)

Ken came to our little street in late June, the first night, the first night of the summer thunder. It rattled my windows and, later, it rattled my bed frame as though portending what would happen later in that summer, that summer of the summer thunder.

The next morning, he was standing on the Stevensons’ lawn next door, shirtless. The Stevensons had gone away for the entire summer, that summer of thunder. “Hi,” he said. “I’m here to do some raking.” I nodded and felt a palpable heat rise up from the sidewalk. It was the heat of summer, true, that summer of thunder, but it was another kind of heat that formed a bridge between Ken and I, though we didn’t yet know it.

I went to my summer job at the library. It was a morning of folding gigantic newspapers over gigantic rulers. It was tedious. I stared outside at the cascading summer sun. Would it thunder today? Would it?

My reverie was broken by the appearance of Ken in the library vestibule. He was still shirtless. I took notice now of his chiseled features, his glistening pectorals, his clean and pressed tan slacks. Old Miss Higgins, the head librarian approached him.

“Yes, I’m looking for a gigantic newspaper on a gigantic ruler,” he said. He smiled, showing off two rows of perfect pearly whites. “I would like to have a look at the weather report,” he added, puffing out his strong, clean chest. “The sky…it looks as though…well, I mean, I wonder if it might thunder tonight.”

And he looked right at me. For what seemed like a luscious eternity our eyes locked. And then I heard that inner voice.

You’ve urinated in your panty hose again, Jill. Better make a beeline for the ladies room.

I looked down. There was the initial spot on the dusty wood floor. I hightailed it out of there.

Later, I cut through back yards and alleys, hoping I wouldn’t see him. Distantly, I could hear thunder. Summer thunder. I passed the open lot where a gigantic pumpkin fire had been raging for two years. There was a strange man standing there with a handmade sign that read “SEX REVOLUTION”. I hurried. The thunder came heavier now. The summer thunder.

There was the gate. Mom was out there with a huge basket of wet white clothing. She heard the thunder. But to her, the thunder was merely a warning having to do with laundry, not love. It came again, it was closer. I began crying.

My hand was on the gate now. And then, another hand was over it. A strong hand.

It was Ken’s.

He was shirtless but had changed into a pair of pressed green slacks. “Don’t be scared of the summer thunder,” he said. Then, he gurgled something incoherent. The thunder was right above us. We kissed passionately. And there was the voice.

You’ve urinated in your panty hose AGAIN, Jill! You must find an excuse to break away.

But I didn’t. And Ken didn’t seem to mind.


8. “Springtime is on my mind/Flower bloomin’ all the time/Smell the roses, smell the grass/Old man Winter can kiss my ass”—Spinal Tap = KLOWN KISS-OFF

9. “It’s springtime, it’s springtime,/There’s blue sky in a puddle,/There’s a bird on the ground,/Dog on the roof,/Chirp, chirp, woof, woof,”—Jeffrey Lewis = CONFUSED CANINE

10. “Licking a bamboo leaf’s spring rain…mouse”—Matsuo Basho = LEGITIMIZING LUSTSHIP (couldn’t decide which one to post)

11. “When Winter’s here, yeah, it’s party time!/Bring your bottle, wear your bright clothes/It’ll soon be summertime”—Mungo Jerry =  PARTY PEOPLE

12. “Waking From Drunkenness on a Spring Day”—Li Po = AGITATION, ALONE

13. “All the flowers of the Spring meet to perfume our burying”—John Webster = TRADITIONAL TREASURES

14. Suntan Oil and the Smell of Bacon Frying = BURNED BUM

15. “Well, I didn’t go to work/told the boss I was sick ‘Well, you can’t use the car ‘cause you didn’t work a lick’”—Eddy Cochran = FEAR AND FINANCES

16. Beach Blanket Bingo = MICKEY MOUSER


Yes, I was very bad – but I want to make it up to you! Here are drawings made from inspirations seen from Day 3 to Day 7:

3. “All Nature seems at work/ Slugs leave their lairs—The bees are stirring—Birds are on the wing”—Samuel Coleridge

day 3_bold birds
Bold Birds

4. “Rise and put on your foliage, and be seen/ To come forth, like the springtime, fresh and green,”—Robert Herrick

day 4_festive foliage
Festive Foliage

5. “A warble for joy of lilac-time, returning in reminiscence” –Walt Whitman

day 5_lingering lilac
Lingering Lilac

6. “A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown –
Who ponders this tremendous scene –
This whole Experiment of Green –
As if it were his own!”—Emily Dickinson

day 6_tenacious tree
Tenacious Tree 

7. “it’s

balloonMan whistles
wee” –e e Cummings

Billy Balloon
Billy Balloon

I had a blast volunteering for the 2014 edition of the Rhode Island International Film Festival. It was a great opportunity to see some of the best new short and feature length films from around the world.

Here are a list of just some of my favorites. Go check them out and support independent film making!


470_1_foto_g 470_4_foto_g

Je suis Une Actrice (France)


monica-lewis-sings-300x290Follow Monica Lewis on Twitter! At 92, she’s still kicking! Literally! 

Market Hours


Nous sommes tous des êtres penchés (France)