I had a great time revisiting body painting the other day. Photographer friend, Eric Frazer, got some amazing shots (as always), make-up artist Kim Lavallee primed our model to perfection, and model KJ was really patient for her first time under the brush! Old paintings I made of mums and dahlias fueled this speedy session while creating a matching backdrop as well. It truly was a team effort.

August 9, 2015 – model: KJ Schel, photographer: Eric Frazer, make-up: Kim Lavallee, body paint, paintings: Sarah Samways

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my art opening yesterday – I appreciate all the support I’ve received for making these really strange portraits of  “scary” ladies. Here are a few pictures of people standing next to my work. Love you!

Roommates and I (to the right) at "Girl Talk," August 1, 2015 - AS220
Roommates and I (to the right) at “Girl Talk,” August 1, 2015 – AS220

SO…the big Pancakes and Booze Art Show is coming up on April 10th and I’ve been steadily working on ideas for my body painting model, Adrienne. I went through all kinds of ideas from paisley and Tiffany glass to gemstones and glitter but I’ve finally figured it out. Back in January, Pantone announced that the Color of the Year was Radiant Orchid (you’ve seen the pinkish purple hue on many-a-hair-do I’m sure), and it hit me… Radiant Orchid + orchid drawings from my Floral Sketchbook + powdered white muses = body painting. I’ve included some visual aid to show you how I reached my conclusion:


3/28/2014: AS220/95 Empire’s Black Box Karaoke Flea Market celebrated the Market’s 2nd birthday; there wasn’t any karaoke but I feel like that was because of the weather…

Need I say more? Oh yeah…

Stolen from Pancakes' Facebook page...
Stolen from Pancakes’ Facebook page…

When Googling yourself gets weird…

—-> THE STORY <—-



* Many thanks to Jeremy Froncek for being a good sport and sharing his perspective!

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