Hello Mark,

I hope you will receive the phone messages I left both you and James this morning. At approximately 6:20PM last night, after looking both ways and then while crossing the street within a crosswalk, I was hit by an elderly couple’s boat of a car. It was kind of a big-to-do but I went off to my swim class (not a wise idea) and then went to work the overnight shift at Stop & Shop. Apparently, I was acting a little strange and by persuasion of managers, co-workers, my mother, and later a police officer, I went to the hospital as a precaution. I sustained no critical injuries but I remained in the ER until just but 20 minutes ago. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. Anyway, unfortunately, the doctors asked that I not return to either job until two days have passed and wrote me up a note. I apologize for the inconvenience!
Photo on 2014-03-07 at 06.15
Thank you,
Sarah Samways
(Note: I feel like February was super productive but so far March has been really weird, all over the place…)


“Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Sadie, Harley, and Alex…Happy Birthday to You!”

Featured: Pin Productions’ Music and Art Festival vendor table, InfoWars, “This looks like Prada in Marfa, Texas…”, a birthday, kittens, St. Joseph’s Church of the Good Shepherd Holiday Bazaar vendor table, Chris Cornell at The Vets, cool Thanksgiving pictures taken by little kids (edited by SS).

…And a hammer under your pillow. This Halloween season equaled carving fruits and vegetables, cookies for friends, and a homemade Day of the Dead costume, (which unfortunately due to time constraints was sans skull face paint). :'(

“Our menu features innovative entrées and special creative cuisines, an artisan pizza oven, a salad and deli bar, plus a mouth-watering array of desserts and pastries made on site. At RISD Dining we pride ourselves on providing quality, delicious and artfully prepared food. Our team of professionals strives to exceed your expectations and awaken your senses. It is what sets us apart!

RISD Dining also has an environmental conscience. We share a deep concern with the public for the stewardship of our natural resources – and do our part by promoting recycling, energy efficiency and purchasing local products as part of our C.A.R.E.S. (Community, Action/Awareness, Recycling, Environment, Sustainability) Program.”

Yeah, I had fun…and I went a little too far whilst practicing technique on this little pumpkin. I wanted to see how I could cut into it, what the paint would look like dried on the skin, etc. Suffice it to say, the final product is something I can only deem a ‘Christmas Pumpkin’ (not pictured). I plan to get another pumpkin and get real serious now that I know what I’m doing with it.