Featured: Pin Productions’ Music and Art Festival vendor table, InfoWars, “This looks like Prada in Marfa, Texas…”, a birthday, kittens, St. Joseph’s Church of the Good Shepherd Holiday Bazaar vendor table, Chris Cornell at The Vets, cool Thanksgiving pictures taken by little kids (edited by SS).

…And a hammer under your pillow. This Halloween season equaled carving fruits and vegetables, cookies for friends, and a homemade Day of the Dead costume, (which unfortunately due to time constraints was sans skull face paint). :'(

 *A: “One time when I was on the bus I saw a sign that said, ‘Jesus thinks you’re to die for…’ B: “…And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s clever!’ But, what would you come up with for other organized religions…? Buddha can’t wait to see you again? Brigham Young wishes you and the Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. well…?”

So I’ve had a couple of ideas for a comic strip the past few months…It’s a departure from what I usually do but I’ve dabbled in the practice in the past. For some reason I used to struggle with conceptualizing my ideas into the comic strip form which frankly doesn’t make a lick of sense since the two skills needed for creating comics are writing and drawing (two things I’ve been told I can do okay…). I suppose it’s just a different way of organizing your thoughts. Nevertheless, it’s become one of those things that you try out every couple of years to see if anything has changed. While it’s not anything too serious, here’s an “inspired” piece, Little Cages: Nepotism in Rhode Island:

#1 9/2013

I’ve been steadily working on a project involving the beloved representative of the Internet, (the PG version anyway), cats, and state flags. We can no longer deny the strength of technology’s influence upon us; the World Wide Web is basically a requirement for life, even in the smallest increments of “just emailing.” There’s no need to freak out, it isn’t all bad. Let’s just explore this: America runs online and has thus forth created societies, groups, polling places and often freely expresses itself through memes, (i.e. the new editorial/critique/heckler of popular culture, intellectual theory, and even voices its opinions of presidential candidates —-> Mitt Romney vs. Big Bird). Oftentimes the Cat comes into play in memes and yes, the Cat sometimes can’t spell but upon following any online forum you will also notice that neither can its human users…and really that’s the point. So, if the Cat represents a whole conglomerate of people, why not put it on our state flags? If it’s good enough for Monopoly….