Okay, okay, okay so I’m a terrible blogger. I don’t regularly post things as they occur and my posts are sometimes few and far between but bear with me as I play catch-up! Christmas-y things 0f 2013: a visit to the National Shrine of La Salette in Attleboro, MA; RISD Catering crew goes ham at holiday party’s photo booth, Shakes and I make a gingerbread village complete with wild animals, Mama and I wearing BetsyandChlö Xmas tees at the AS220 Black Xmas Flea Market, “Grammatical Error” bookmarks that I didn’t give away while we we there. Oh, oh yeah…see ya next year!

RISD Catering 2013
RISD Catering 2013
Photo on 2013-12-21 at 21.02
“Hi!” (BetsyandChlö Xmas Tees)
‘Grammatical Error’ bookmarks

Featured: Pin Productions’ Music and Art Festival vendor table, InfoWars, “This looks like Prada in Marfa, Texas…”, a birthday, kittens, St. Joseph’s Church of the Good Shepherd Holiday Bazaar vendor table, Chris Cornell at The Vets, cool Thanksgiving pictures taken by little kids (edited by SS).

“Poppin’ bottles in the ice (in the ice)
Like a blizzard (like a blizzard)
When we drink we do it right
Gettin’ slizzard

Sippin’ sizzurp in my ride (in my ride)
Like Three 6 (Three 6)
Now I’m feelin’ so fly
Like a G6…”

“Booty Bounce” by Dev

Well actually, it was just time to go to work again.

Here’s a preview of a few sketches I made in the new year…Go check them out already. ;)