miss world
“Miss World” (2015) mixed media on foam core
tongue lashing
“Tongue Lashing” (2015) Acrylic, oil on used canvas
“BABYSHAKES” (2015) mixed media on canvas (2015) -sold


Bird of Prey, Bird of Faulty Paradise (Or How Kendall and Pepsi Ended Racism As We Know It!)
“Bird of Prey, Bird of Fault Paradise (Or How Kendall and Pepsi Ended Racism)” (2017) acrylic on canvas



“Tony, (aqua)” acrylic on canvas (2019)
“Maisey, (rose)” acrylic on canvas (2019)
“Tony and Maisey, (teal)” acrylic on canvas (2019)
“A Promise of Blue Skies” acrylic and resin on wood (2019)
“Floral Skin” mixed media (2019)
i'm highly susceptible to instagram ads but they don't accept IOUs
“I’m Highly Susceptible to Instagram Ads But They Don’t Deal in IOUs” (2019) mixed media
my banana is green with envy_1
“My Banana is Green with Envy” (2019) acrylic on canvas
a time to feel so small
“A Time to Feel So Small” acrylic and gold leaf on canvas (2019)
self portrait as water rising, fire burning
“Self Portrait As Water Rising, Fire Burning” acrylic on canvas (2019)
on to the next one_1
“On to the Next One” acrylic on canvas (2020)