Hello Elsa,

I must apologize for not adhering to the Selfie Act of 2014 which mandates that I take multiple photos of myself and send them to you immediately. I’ve been too busy being comfortable amongst the chaos that is Life. But with the new year, comes a new start. I hope these will suffice, for now. Safe travels!

Timmy Selfies_1




I had a dream and we were in it. I went downstairs and found you in the kitchen, talking on a house phone, the old wire cord getting wrapped around you. Suddenly you lost your train of thought in the conversation as we made eye contact. I came to you and gave you a hug. You embraced me warmly and wouldn’t let go, the phone still preoccupying your ear.

“Uh, do you want to come upstairs and see my cat?” you asked, keeping the transmitter away from your mouth.

I answered in the affirmative and walked towards the living room, as you tried to wrap things up on the other end of the line. My mother was on the couch and asked me where I was going.

“Upstairs…his uh, cat died. I’m going to see his dead cat,” was all I could muster on short notice.

I proceeded to collect my belongings, collect myself. I went upstairs. You met me there.

10/18/2014 8:45AM

My cat has a Twitter now. I haven’t had much luck with it in the past (ex. hackers making my account post weird porno, overall disgust at the 140 character medium, boredom) so I’m making her do all the work. Look, she’s got free room and board not to mention the all-she-can-eat meals… Anyway, I got a cool t-shirt at the Wham City Comedy show last night held @ Psychic Readings.


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BetsyandChlö custom tees are one-of-a-kind, wearable, bits of art!

Exciting news – I’ve just launched a custom t-shirt line on Etsy! Go check it out and tell your friends! Below is the byline:

The Beginning:

2012: Nudged by boyfriend to look at Facebook friend who fabric paints hats
Halloween 2013: Day of the Dead themed costume, including hand-painted turtleneck inspires further fabric painting…
December 2013: Holiday tees for friends and family! Decides Etsy could be beneficial.
December 16, 2013: Opens up Etsy shop!
Sarah Samways is a mixed media artist/writer/investigator/experimentalist. Born and bred in Rhode Island, she is an SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) alumni. Currently, she lives with Pink Nose and Babushka. She can be contacted at ssamways [!at] saic.edu.
BetsyandChlö is her custom designed tee line. Inspired by ugly christmas sweaters, refrigerator kid art, and all things sickeningly sweet, Sarah implements puffy fabric paint and cotton/blend t-shirts to create one-of-a-kind wearable bits of art.

Featured: Pin Productions’ Music and Art Festival vendor table, InfoWars, “This looks like Prada in Marfa, Texas…”, a birthday, kittens, St. Joseph’s Church of the Good Shepherd Holiday Bazaar vendor table, Chris Cornell at The Vets, cool Thanksgiving pictures taken by little kids (edited by SS).

…And a hammer under your pillow. This Halloween season equaled carving fruits and vegetables, cookies for friends, and a homemade Day of the Dead costume, (which unfortunately due to time constraints was sans skull face paint). :'(

 *A: “One time when I was on the bus I saw a sign that said, ‘Jesus thinks you’re to die for…’ B: “…And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s clever!’ But, what would you come up with for other organized religions…? Buddha can’t wait to see you again? Brigham Young wishes you and the Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. well…?”

So I’ve had a couple of ideas for a comic strip the past few months…It’s a departure from what I usually do but I’ve dabbled in the practice in the past. For some reason I used to struggle with conceptualizing my ideas into the comic strip form which frankly doesn’t make a lick of sense since the two skills needed for creating comics are writing and drawing (two things I’ve been told I can do okay…). I suppose it’s just a different way of organizing your thoughts. Nevertheless, it’s become one of those things that you try out every couple of years to see if anything has changed. While it’s not anything too serious, here’s an “inspired” piece, Little Cages: Nepotism in Rhode Island:

#1 9/2013