It was my absolute pleasure to write about friends Brian Folan AKA Brian 4 Ever and Amanda Burgess. You need to come to their shows and listen to their music and view their art. Brian has an art show going on at AS220’s Resident Gallery located in Providence until the end of the month. Amanda will have her own show to follow in June. Check out my post for the Boston Hassle for more information! <3 <3 <3


New article up for the Boston Hassle, covering Tree AKA Tremaine Jackson’s album ‘Trap Genius’:

“Tackling topics close to home, Johnson’s music is lyrically heavy, switching back and forth between protest and self-indulgence…Johnson’s music is deeply rooted in his community, illuminating others on the outside about gang violence, drug abuse, and the struggle of combating with a potentially racist policeman, a topic that obviously cuts deep. Tree isn’t afraid of sounding preachy.” – 5/13/2015