Selfie Act of 2014

Hello Elsa, I must apologize for not adhering to the Selfie Act of 2014 which mandates that I take multiple photos of myself and send them to you immediately. I’ve been too busy being comfortable amongst the chaos that is Life. But with the new year, comes a new start. I hope these will suffice, […]

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Hadbawnik, Royer, Samways, Schropp All Honored at Luncheon

Originally posted on The Lankville Daily News:
By Gina Bradley-Komminsk David Hadbawnik LANKVILLE ACTION NEWS: YES! Lankville Daily News columnists David Hadbawnik, Ric Royer, Sarah Samways and Brian Schropp were all honored yesterday at a downtown luncheon held in an office park that was later completely destroyed by a mysterious fire. Hadbawnik, Royer and Samways…