I’m interested in means of communication and how people relate to each other. This has opened several doors to subtopics eager to be explored. As an artist, I feel it is not only important to communicate with the viewer but other artists as well, (for they/we are merely viewers with a meticulous eye). That being said, I’ve been looking at a lot of art online and have been getting really inspired. Communication has been a theme that’s been forming in my mind for some time now and I’m excited to flesh out some more tangible ideas as we continue into the new year. 2013, get ready to be dominated. As a starting point, I will be making artwork in response to other artists’ artwork; a conversation that I hope, ultimately, will help me understand my own thoughts a little better.

Example: A Conversation with Razead (France):

Razead: “We all want to fuck you. There.” (male to female)

Me: “You want to fuck me – Whether or not I want you to.” (female to male)

Razead and I will converse more later…

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